Ravello 5 

A new suite of five prints of Ravello, Italy, in a limited edition of ten folios.

Each print is signed, titled and numbered including the folio number.

Printed on 29.7 x 42 cm Somerset radiant white satin coton rag paper, acid free archive quality, the prints are made with UV resistant inks.

The folio costs 1000€ for the five prints and the folio itself is made from cotton rag 350gm paper>

Some of the works which inspired the series can be seen at the Ravello Museum in the Province of Salerno where many were made during the artist's frequent visits.

This offer is limited to ten folios only. To receive one please email Simon Fletcher at movingbrush@gmail.com

PRESENTATION the mural for the French Association for the Handicapped                             near Montpellier France. M P Causse and friends



A New video created by Sarah Gutierrez 




       Balcony decoration for a private client near Geneva 





Balcony descoration 18x1.1 meters

The images are printed on dibond, aluminium sheets that are water and UV proof

 My studio gallery is open for visitors by appointment 

Atelier Galerie ouvert sur RDV 

+33 623921960

Stay well and see you soon!

Restez saine! A bientôt!

Interview with the painter.  https://youtu.be/SOey3zIFHe8

New testimonials SEE WORKSHOPS

70m² mural. The inauguration of this huge work, sponsored by French Government funding for the recreation hall of  the  Association for the Handicapped, Plaisance, France will take place on the 19th December, 2019. 

For more information please mail 


     Inauguration de la fresque murale à Plaisance, la Corale


2022 CALENDAR -30€ inc P+P

New calendar in preparation

To order please mail             pour commander veuillez email 


Below is half of my decoration for a new kitchen . The commissioned designs were printed onto vinyl, washable and non fading.

       NEW WORKS 2018 - 2019 See below

           Sea trees no2,  mixed media, paper mounted on board 60x60cm

           For sale in UK. Please contact Catherine Milner +44 7770381256

A permanent exhibition of work is on show at 

The Art Gallery17 .


Please contact me if you wish to visit the gallery.


                                          One of the Italian paintings from my 2020 calendar  

 70 page catalogue for a retropective exhibition at the Mueum of Modern Art, Salerno, Italy

As this catalogue is no longer available there is now a selection of paintings from the Ravello Contemporary Art Centre in the paintings section of the web site

 a new series painted in my Moroccan studio. 

Morocco series 18x28.

each  650€ unframed

Best selling artist on Bridgeman London



This is what the well known journalist and writer David Shirreff wrote about the mural project which can be viewed at Château Camplazens, La Clape, Narbonne www.camplazens.com.


Getting inside the painter’s mind


Simon Fletcher is one of the best watercolour painters around. He has spent over 30 years refining his technique, which is a mile away from the British tradition, and closer to that of the Austrian and German expressionists, such as Emil Nolde, Oscar Kokoschka and Karl Schmitt-Rottluff.

When asked, out of the blue, two years ago to produce a mural covering 50 square metres of a wine estate building in southern France, Simon saw it as the opportunity of a lifetime to explore and explode the essence of the watercolourist’s art– literally by blowing up his work.

This is not as easy as it sounds. The essence of watercolour is the transparency of many pigments and the whiteness of the paper illuminating the image from inside. Blowing up a watercolour using traditional enlargement methods tends to reduce the illumination to an insipid greyness.

But with graphic techniques applied by his son Gerry, who works as a graphic designer at the BBC, the intensity of the paint stays the same regardless of the magnification. So the viewer is confronted, not by a sea of pixels, as in a Roy Lichtenstein classic, but by intense brushmarks and contrasts. It is if a giant hand using gallons of paint has been at work. You see the individual atoms of pigment mingled in organised fractal chaos.

For the first time, perhaps, the art of the watercolourist is revealed in amazing detail on the big screen.

Peter and Susan Close, who commissioned the work for Chateau Complazens, their winery near Narbonne, asked for an unusual mural. What they have ended up with is an extraordinary adventure into the possibilities that the digital age offers to watercolour.

The mural will be opened to the public on Saturday June 28th. There is a special press opening on Friday July 4th.

www.camplazens.com +33 (0) 468 453 889 

www.simonfletcher.org +33 (0) 467 236 528 +33 (0) 623921960


David Shirreff, formerly with The Economist helped to organise an exhibition of my work sponsored by The Economist

Travel and work

For years now I've travelled to learn from other painters and places and have been lucky to know some of the truly great painters as well as having the huge pleasure of discovering new places and cultures.

I was invited to write my first book in 1994 and this gave me the opportunity of sharing my pleasure and excitement in some ground breaking painters as well as writing about the new and better paints that have become available over the past thirty years.

Since then I've gone on to write ten books mostly about my own work in watercolour and pastel. Some are still available and you can find a bibliography under the books heading with a short description of each book and how to order them.

"Surely one of the greatest living watercolour painters" R Muller Mehlis writing in The Munchener Mercure

"Simon Fletcher has reinvented pastel painting" Professor W Rupen, Sion, Switzerland