Some of the works that you can see on this page are for sale. If you are interested please contact me with the title or screen grab of the painting

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Aquarelles , pastels, ceramiques, portraits      

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                       Some of these  works are for sale. Please contact me at                          Oeuvres en vente, The Art Gallery 17, St Gervais sur Mare, 34610

                                  Four new still life paintings
The three paintings above were made during a summer session of out door painting. 

For sale. Prices between 850€ and 1600€

The paintings below are some recent works from Morocco. 

Watercolours of Oman, Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Aquarelles de Moyen Orient

European watercolours 

Aquarelles de l'Europe

Ravello and the Amalfi coast. These paintings are now in the Ravello Museum.

Ravello 5

A new edition of 5 signed prints of these paintings will shortly be available for sale. For more information please contact me at

Moroccan watercolours

Aquarelles du Maroc

7 of my recent series of small Moroccan paintings, Sundowners. Some are for sale on request
Indian watercolours

Aquarelles d'Inde

Japanese watercolours

Aquarelles du Japon

Watercolour still life

Aquarelles de nature morte